Are you ready to feel more connected to your soul than ever before?

Have you ever found yourself

feeling stuck?

  • Feeling stuck despite doing your best to create success and abundance for yourself? 
  • Not really sure what is causing you to have difficulties in relationships?
  • Are you finding yourself in repeated patterns of trauma and negative events? 
  • Feeling like you have no sense of direction with your job, purpose or life in general?

Discovering and using the energetic record of your soul’s journey can help.

I started reading Akashic Records after seeing firsthand how powerful the knowledge of your soul’s journey can be. I was lost for answers and needed guidance, the records gave me everything I needed and so much more. I suddenly felt seen and understood after receiving so much insight. I received insight on my health, healing, relationships, pattern and more. After my first reading I saw how life changing and healing these record readings could be and was guided to sharing the power of these records.

I always like to say that there was my life before my first reading, and my life after.

The readings include all information about your soul, what has ever happened and what will ever happen.


What does the journey look like?

During these readings, Liv will begin the ceremony to help open your records, from which you will receive an opening message from your guides that she will channel for you. From there, you will be able to ask all the questions you desire. As you move through these questions your guides will show Liv the answers you need to help heal. 

All that is asked, is that you come with an open mind. Liv will prepare a list of questions that may act as support in case you are unsure of what to ask.




Using what you have learned from your reading, you will be able to:

  • Release blockages, patterns and beliefs that are holding you back
  • Integrate this new knowledge and energy into your way of life
  • Feel a deeper connection to your soul than ever before
  • Use your new knowledge to benefit and heal from blocks 
  • Identify themes, blocks and storylines

It opens energy channels in your mind, body, and soul. When a memory from the past isn’t healed, it remains active now, influencing your current life.