Working with me will help you to go from:

Dreading and dealing with monthly period symptoms
Embracing your cycle without cramping, bloating and wild mood swings
Having uncontrollable cravings for sugar/carbs
Knowing how to nourish your body with the right foods and supplements to heal yourself and gain control of your cravings
Not knowing what's going on with your body despite having "tried everything"
Understanding how your body works so that your life is no longer controlled by your symptoms
Feeling stuck and stagnant when it comes to your health, body, relationships, life & wealth
Releasing the emotional trauma & receive activations that leave you feeling lit up in ALL areas of your life
Feeling good for a moment only to spiral right back down
Having the tools for a lifetime to put into practice so you can heal yourself if things come up

Trust yourself to make the moves that are needed to get you where you desire. 

And put yourself in the world of the people who are doing it and watch how fast you calibrate 

Your Options Include

Premium Coaching:

Your choice of 3 months, 6-months OR 12-months of coaching

1X 60 Minute Deep Dive (like an intake).

Bi-weekly trauma healing calls 

Text & voice message access between calls

Access to my signature programs:
Well Nourished, Goddess Activation and any other programs that run during the period (including all live calls)

1x Akashic Reading 

1x Energy Healing

Ultra-Premium Coaching:

Your choice of 3 months, 6-months OR 12-months of coaching

Up to three deep recoding calls per a month

90 minute Initial deep dive

Text and voice access between calls

Up to 2 distant energy clearing and/or akashic readings per week.

Access to all programs & LIVE containers during time together