What does it mean to be healed from the inside?

Do you ever find yourself:

  • In need of healing from emotional trauma
  • Feeling blocked despite doing your best to work mindfully
  • Craving internal harmony within yourself
  • Feeling as if you have an energy leak
  • Wanting to set clear boundaries but not knowing where to start

7D & 9D energy healings can help to remove blockages in order to heal your system

What does an energy healing session look like?


During an energy healing, Liv will begin to discover where in your body you are facing blockages, and where you need to direct energy to. Liv will channel powerful 7D energy into your body to help remove the blockages. This energy uses miracle frequency to facilitate healing, activate manifestations, reactivate unexpressed DNA and allows for easier access to Akashic Records.

Liv will also channel 9D energy to activate light frequency in your body and heal. This will allow you to heal within the akashic records, which allows you to heal throughout time and space - including past lives and ancestral healing. 9D has knowledge of everything in the universe, accessing this energy allows you to reach the higher realms. From here anything and everything is possible. In order to transform our 3D and 4D, we need to go to 9D, to “the void”, in that void everything exists, everything is possible.

At the end of the energy healing session you will have the opportunity to talk to Liv about what both of you have discovered from your healing session.

While every healing session is different, you can expect yourself to feel unstuck and clear physically, spiritually and emotionally.

All that is asked of you prior to coming to the session is that you look inward and discover what you truly want to get out of this energy healing session, what you are manifesting and to open yourself to receiving.

Using what you have learned from your healing session you will:


  • Release energy blockages that have been altering you and holding you back
  • Gain clarity on what your body, soul and mind want and need
  • Feel a sense of harmony within yourself
  • Be able to identify when your energy feels blocked in the future 
  • Receive healing through time and space (including past lives and ancestral healing)

It works by balancing your body and removing any blocks while raising your vibration. This includes physical, emotional and spiritual blocks. One blockage throws off the system as a whole.