What if I told you that Akashic Records were like a Google search into your soul? 

Would you want to find the answers? Would you want to read and research where your soul has been?


Spoiler Alert: We all have the intuitive gift to read our own Akashic Records; we just need to activate them. 

If you find yourself wanting answers, it’s time to come back to your soul and realize who you’ve always been. It's time to come home.

  • Craving so much fucking clarity in your current life 
  • Wanting to learn how to access the akashic records for yourself 
  • As an empath, wanting to know how to manage and protect your energy while maintaining boundaries?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your spiritual awakening and needing guidance to calibrate to this new level of being
  • Curious about obtaining the answers in the akasha whenever you want
  • Wanting to activate the portal that already exists within you 
  • Craving to calibrate to that higher self energy that already exists within you 
  • Not feeling aligned in your life and know there is something more for you to explore 
  • Feeling alone in your spiritual journey and wanting to connect with like minded soul, in a sacred space
  • Waking up to the fact that you are an eternal spiritual being and want to know wth is next?! 
  • Wanting to connect with archangels, ascended masters and higher beings of love and light 
  • Looking to go straight to the source for all the answers your soul desires
  • Already waking up to your gifts and get downloads but you lack the confidence and belief in yourself 
  • Curious about your celestial roots and want to know where you really came from
  • Feeling the nudge that even brought you here…. 

If you answered yes, to any of the above, you are in need of accessing your own intuitive reading gifts. Your soul is telling you that it is ready to be heard, ready for you to come home. Your story is just getting started and the 

Soul Ascension course can take you there.

This course is for you if…

  •  You want to know EXACTLY how to read your own akashic records and receive guidance on everything from: life purpose, career, relationships, past lives and more
  • You’re ready to activate your psychic gifts and discover their full potential 
  • You are already open to your gifts and want to learn more how to use them for guidance, health, and well being
  • You want to develop your intuition and learn to trust it 
  • You desire to meet and form a strong bond with your spirit guides 
  • You want to know how to protect yourself 
  • Want to feel close to your guides and talk to them
  • Awaken your gifts so you can access then and learn to strengthen them 
  • Learn how to protect your energy and best practices so that you're not taking on energy of other people 
  • Know how to raise your vibration and live at a higher frequency 
  • Elevate your life by learning manifestation hacks 
  • Use the energy centers of the body to heal yourself on a deep level 
  • Want to shift into higher consciousness full of love and light 
  • You want to know how to use your psychic senses with tools like pendulums, oracle cards and more. 
  • You want to supercharge your manifestation skills so that is becomes easy peasy 

This course will guide you through using your gifts in order to not only be able to read the akasha but to elevate yourself through all things spiritual. Your life is meant to be raised at a higher frequency,

let the Soul Ascension elevate you.


Included in this course you will:

  • Open the portal to begin receiving knowledge from your soul and the 7th dimension
  • Activate your heart to allow you to ascend to higher levels of consciousness 
  • Connect to your celestial roots and activate the knowledge within your souls DNA from other lifetimes 
  • Heal from past lives as well as ancestral healing 
  • Get clarity on the messages and downloads you receive 
  • Discover the untapped potential of your soul’s gifts and align with your higher self 
  • Know how to read the akashic records with confidence and integrate the knowledge into your life so that you can upgrade energetically. 
  • Learn to access the quantum field of limitless potential and abundance

Liv's unique technique to reading and channeling from the akashic records

Live Attunement Calls

Lifetime Access to Course Videos

Private group to answer all of your questions

Level One


  • Learn how to perform Akashic Readings on yourself
  • Two juicy attunement calls to bring awareness to your feelings and the feelings you may experience
  • Lifetime access to the modules 
  • Access to a private telegram group  
  • *opportunity for certification upon practical completion 


*sold separately 

Level One & Two


  • Learn how to prepare yourself to perform Akashic readings on yourself and those around you
  • Four juicy attunement calls to create awareness of the energy and feelings throughout your calls.
  • Lifetime access to the modules 
  • Access to a private telegram group  
  • Graduation once you have completed your trial readings 
  • Includes certification once practicals are completed

It’s your time to access the portal and raise your frequencies and consciousness. Once you tap into the wisdom and healing of the akashic records you will find the answers you need. Most importantly, you will feel at home with your soul.

About your instructor

Liv is an akashic reader, 7D healer, medium and intuitive who helps to not only heal and guide people but activate them to a higher consciousness. After waking up to her own abilities and gifts, while learning the power of the akashic records, she has been able to not only calibrate to a higher frequency but strengthen the portal within to access the 7th dimension and manifest with ease. Liv is now teaching others to be able to not only awaken but help them calibrate and ascend to their own power within.